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Art & Decorative

Concourse & Arena

Bathroom Accessories

Concourse & Arena

Bedroom Set

Concourse & Arena

Children Furniture

Concourse & Arena

Curtain & Carpet

Concourse & Arena

Doors & Window

Concourse & Arena

Electrical Appliances

Arena (Area B)

Floor & Wall Finishes

Concourse & Arena

Furniture & Furnishing

Concourse & Arena

Interior Design Consultation

Concourse (CH26 – CH42) & Arena

Kitchen & Wardrobe

Concourse (CH26 – CH42) & Arena

Kitchen Appliances & Cookware, Household Items (DEMO)

Concourse (C7 – C14, C29- C36, C61 – C70) & Arena (Area B)


Concourse (Booth CH) & Arena

Office Furnishing

Concourse & Arena


Concourse & Arena

Outdoor Furniture, Garden & Landscape

Concourse & Arena

Switches, Security & Safe

Concourse & Arena

TV Cabinet

Concourse & Arena

Water Heater & Filtration

Concourse & Arena


Requirement of Exhibitor of Bedroom Set:

  1. The exhibitor of Bedroom Set does not have the right to promote the sales of the mattress in any way or in any way manner in the Exhibition.
  2. The mattresses for display purpose are compulsory to cover with bed sheet. 展示的床垫必须覆盖上床单
  3. The thickness of the mattress maximum 8 inch. 床垫的厚度不可超过 8 英寸。
  4. Only foam mattresses are eligible to use. 只允许展示海绵床垫




Booth Size


≥ 18m²


≥ 27m²



*Direct apply 20th & 21st PENFURNEX 2017; you are entitled to enjoy an EXTRA 5% discount of the total booth rental for 21st PENFURNEX 2017.

***Terms & Conditions Apply*


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